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A pair of rebuilt SU HS2 carburetors for a custom-built Morris Minor
The SU Carburetor Shop     

Carburetors listed here are available for immediate outright sale, and do not carry a core charge.   

Please understand that there are times (like now) when we simply do not have time to build carbs for stock, and therefore the offerings on this page will occasionally be, at best, minimal. So, if you do not see the carb(s) you are looking for, please e-mail me as the item you are looking for may already be in the shop for restoration, and could be available shortly.      

Sorry, we do not have any sets available at this time: but we will have later this month (April - 2015), plus parts and accessories.........                                                                                                                                                               

All carburetors sold from this page will, like all of our rebuilds, include all the necessary gaskets, and a bottle of our damper oil.

Shipping on all carburetors, 
will be charged at our actual cost.      

Currently Available Carburetors

Sorry, none at the present time, due to a very high rebuild workload. However, if you have a particular carburetor, or carburetor set, that you are looking for, please call me at (336) 587-9623

Jaguar Air Intake

We have for sale an Air Intake, originally from a Jaguar 420, which will fit almost every XK engine. It has the regular 6.5" equal spacing between the carburetors. The aluminum casting has been glass-beaded, and is suitable for polishing.

Asking price is $375. This is being offered on behalf of a customer, and is therefore being sold as-is, but the condition is very good, with no damage. Shipping will be charged at our cost only.


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