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A pair of rebuilt SU HS2 carburetors for a custom-built Morris Minor
The SU Carburetor Shop     

PLEASE NOTE We are now permanently CLOSED in the U.S. We will be opening our new facility in the UK in 2017, serving the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. I apologize for any inconvenience this change causes.

This means that these items are not available for shipping at this time.

Carburetors and components listed here are available for immediate outright sale, and do not carry a core charge.   

Please understand that there are times when we simply do not have time to build carbs for stock, and therefore the offerings on this page will occasionally be, at best, minimal. So, if you do not see the carb(s) you are looking for, please e-mail me as the item you are looking for may already be in the shop for restoration, and could be available shortly.  

Carburetors & Accessories for Sale

All the carburetors below are offered for sale outright: no exchange is necessary.

They have all been fully rebuilt to the same exacting standards you see detailed on this Web site. All the bodies have been line-reamed, and re-bushed, and are fitted with new standard-size throttle shafts. All suction chambers are polished. They are supplied with a complete set of gaskets, and a bottle of damper oil.

They have been bench tested and setup for the vehicle for which they are designed. All dual sets are balanced for air-flow.

All carbs, and accessories, come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your carburetor, or accessory, simply return it, telling us what the problem was, and your money will be refunded  in full (less the shipping charges).

Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail, and charged at our actual cost. The shipping charge may vary by your location, and will be advised upon request.

HS6 set for Volvo 144/ P1800 - $595.00


Triumph TR3/4 Inlet Manifold - $85.00

NOTE: Shown in cleaned condition only: will be glass-beaded prior to shipping

MGA Inlet Manifold - $90.00

Complete with polished brass firing order plate

NOTE: Manifold shown in cleaned condition only: will be glass-beaded prior to shipping

BMC "A"-Series Custom-Built Inlet Manifold - $120.00

This is a "Maniflow" fabricated steel manifold built in the UK specifically for the A-Series engine. Very clean inlet path, with a large diameter balance pipe.

This will require some creativity, and modification of the throttle cable, and choke assemblies, as can be seen from the image

For HS2 carbs only

HS2 Aluminum Ram Pipes - $35.95 the Pair

Designed specifically for the HS2, these pipes have been glass-beaded for a smooth finish.

Not recommended for use in particularly dry, dusty conditions.

HS4 Insulating Blocks -  $25.95 the pair

These are most frequently used on the MGB between the carbs and the heat shield, but can be used on any HS4 to prevent heat transfer from the engine to the heat, which can result in vapor lock.

Black Phenolic resin, 1 1/8" (1.125") thick

H4 Aluminum Spacer Blocks - $26.95 the pair

5/8" thick, glass-beaded finish

H4 Insulating Blocks - $22.95 the pair

Natural finish Phenolic resin, 7/8" thick

H4 Aluminum Spacers - $15.75 the pair

3/16" thick, glass-beaded finish

Mini  - Air Filter Adapter Bell - $12.95

Several available: Aluminum, glass-beaded finish

MGB Heat Shield -  $45.95

Made in the UK, new, never used, black satin black finish

Jaguar Air Intake

We have for sale an Air Intake, originally from a Jaguar 420, which will fit almost every XK engine. It has the regular 6.5" equal spacing between the carburetors. The aluminum casting has been glass-beaded, and is suitable for polishing.

Asking price is $375. This is being offered on behalf of a customer, and is therefore being sold as-is, but the condition is very good, with no damage. Shipping will be charged at our cost only.



British Classic Motors - More than 40 years of SU Carburetor Restoration and
Rebuilding experience..............

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