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Rebuilding & Restoration Pricing   

The prices for our rebuilding services, as detailed in the Our Services section, are shown in the table below. Return shipping is via USPS Priority Mail, and charged at our cost.    
To arrange for your rebuild please go to our Ordering Information page where you will find all the information you need.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We are now permanently CLOSED in the U.S. We will be opening our new facility in the UK in 2017, serving the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. I apologize for any inconvenience this change causes.

   H-Series  HD-Series   HS-Series     HIF-Series
Single Carb.   $205.00
   $200.00   $175.00   $195.00
Twin Carbs.   $395.00   $385.00   $355.00   $375.00
Triple Carbs.   $575.00   $565.00   $485.00   $545.00
Thermo Rebuilding & Testing     $50.00     $50.00
* Certain HD-Series carburetors for Rolls-Royce, and Bentley applications will be charged at a slightly higher rate due to the need for special-order parts.  Please call, or email, for details.

NOTE: All carburetors are re-finished in the SU original factory finish, as shown on these pages. We can offer black powder-coating for Rolls Royce, and Bentley applications for an additional charge. Please ask for details before ordering your rebuild.

Additional Service Options & Products:

A)  Line-Reaming & Re-Bushing of Carb Bodies - $65.00 per carb.
LATEST NEWS: This service will also be available in the UK starting June 2016 at very competitive prices - details to follow - email me if you would like more information in advance. 

It's important to note that, unlike many rebuilders, we do not ream the carburetor body all the way through to the bore; but, in line with the SU factory recommendations, they are line-reamed only to the exact length of the new bushes. The resulting shoulder can be clearly seen in the image on the right.

We use only Oilite Phosphor Bronze bushes, which offer an extremely tight tolerance, and contain SAE30 oil for a very long life.

For more information on our re-bushing service, please click here

SU carb body newly reamed for new throttle shaft bushes

NOTE: If your carbs do require re-bushing, we will contact you for your approval, before the work is started.

B)  The "Do-it-Yourself" Re-Bushing Service

If you are doing the carburetor rebuild yourself, we will gladly re-bush your worn carburetor bodies. The charge is $85.00 per body, which covers the line-reaming of the body, and the fitting of new standard size bushes.

PLEASE NOTE: This price assumes that the carburetors will be supplied completely disassembled. If carbs are received in an assembled, or partly assembled condition, a price for the work necessary to carry out the work, will be quoted via email for approval, before the re-bushing work commences.

New standard-size throttle shafts are not included, but can be installed for an extra charge, if required. As with any additional parts, these will be charged at the current retail price, as advertised by the major suppliers.

Return shipping will be charged at our cost.

C)  Repair of HS-series Float Bowl Lug ($45.00 per carb)

This covers the repair of the cast lug when broken or damaged. The lug is used to ensure the float chamber is maintained in an upright position.

You will be contacted for authorization to continue if this is found to be required required during a rebuild.

The images on the left below shows the broken lug (circled in black marker), with the repaired body on the right.

Repair of an SU carburetor float bowl lug

British Classic Motors - More than 40 years of SU Carburetor Rebuilding & Restoration experience..............

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