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Welcome to British Classic Motors 

It's more than 40 years since I rebuilt my first SU carburetor; it was in 1964 at the age of 16, before I even had my driver's license, and the H1 on my 1955 Morris Minor needed some serious help.    
Growing up as I did in England, working on our own cars was not just a hobby, in those days it was also a necessity; either you learned how to fix them, and fix them right, or you resigned yourself to the bus, or you walked.  

The SU carburetor is in essence an extremely simple, but nevertheless ingenious device which, unlike any fixed-jet carburetor, maintains an ideal fuel /air ratio at all engine speeds, and loads. But, they are often misunderstood, and if not adjusted correctly, or are excessively worn, they will return poor performance, poor economy, and provide plenty of owner frustration.  
The answer however is not to discard them in favor of one of the several downdraft packages that are advertised to resolve the above issues; and incidentally, we are asked on a regular basis if we will accept one of these "conversions" in part-exchange for a pair of SU's.  For less than the cost of that conversion, the SU’s that your car came from the factory with, and were designed for the vehicle, can be rebuilt to “as new” specifications, and appearance. 

One customer told me "I removed the 45 DCOE on my 1977 MGB and put on the HS4's you rebuilt for me. It idles better, starts better, and runs great, with no flat spots!"   I have had many more very similar reports.......

If you want to see samples of our work, visit our Before & After section, and then imagine what a similar finished rebuild SU would look like in your engine compartment; not to mention what the improvement in overall performance, and economy would mean to you!

Please go to Our Services for more details of our SU carb rebuilding and restoration services, but before that, you may want to check out our Do-It-Yourself section. 

Have a question? Maybe I can help. Call or text me (336) 587-9623

* GUARANTEE NON-TRANSFERABLE: Applies to original customer only - no longer applicable should either the carburetor(s) or the vehicle be sold.

British Classic Motors - More than 40 years of SU Carburetor Rebuilding & Restoration experience..............